The Lost Camera

I had not come across my little Canon IXUS105 whilst unpacking from the “Road Trip”. Searching through pockets and bags I came to the conclusion that somewhere along the trip I’ve lost it. I used the little camera as a back-up. It fits in my handbag and most pockets and I also use it when I’m working. When I was on the Road Trip I purchased a new Canon 700D and used that for the rest of the trip. I could not remember where I used the little IXUS105 last.

Canon IXUS105

This week I found it! I’m really happy because I was going to have to replace it. The 700D is way to big for my job so I had to buy another small digital camera. I was putting my dog in the back of MM’s car and here it was sitting on the back floor. I had searched the car and so had MM. He keeps his car spotless so I’m really surprised it’s remained hidden for so long.

What’s on it?

Brambuk the National Park and Cultural Centre in Halls Gap in the Grampians. I remember it was raining this morning so I took the little camera in fear of getting the “new” one wet. This building is amazing and I love the timber work inside.

A 1







Port Campbell Bay. The weather was wet during our stop-over at Port Campbell Bay. The local pub had fantastic meals from memory. The motel we stayed in only had a small oil heater that clicked all night and an electric blanket that didn’t work. We were too cold to sleep anyway and we couldn’t wait for somewhere to open in the morning to get a hot coffee. Needless to say my TripAdvisor review reflected my lack of sleep.


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1 Response to The Lost Camera

  1. suzjones says:

    I’ve been to Bambruk myself. Yes, the wood throughout is lovely. 🙂


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