Leaving Townsville, these pictures were taken at Kissing Point which is situated at the northern end of The Strand.

Kissing Point Fort, constructed in 1889-91, is significant as one of the few remaining fixed coastal defences constructed in Australia in the nineteenth century. It is thought Kissing Point was named after a feature in Sydney Harbour.

In 1943 the guns and the coastal artillery searchlight unit were relocated to a new battery at Pallarenda. The Fort ceased operations in 1945.

In 1968 the Fort was partially destroyed and backfilled as it had become a hangout for vagrants etc.

Army Engineers,  soldiers and civilians carried out conservation works on the Fort in 1979-80 and the old Fort was restored and was used to house the North Queensland Military Museum.

The Townsville community started working in 2001 to ensure the former military site was kept in public hands and in 2007 the Jezzine Barracks Community Trust was formed to ensure that public funds were spent on appropriate development to open up the precinct for public use and enjoyment.

See U-Tube video of the area by Aussie Mark here

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Alternative Names for Kissing

  • Making out
  • French kissing
  • 7 minutes in heaven
  • necking
  • Snogging
  • Sucking face
  • Tongue wrestling
  • Tonsil hockey
  • First base
  • Pashing
  • Canoodle
  • Swapping spit
  • Plant one on
  • Get on
  • Yankee dime
  • Mack
  • Be all over

(Ref: On-Line slang dictionary)

 Types of kisses with different meanings

  • The Forehead kiss
  • The Eskimo Kiss
  • the French Kiss
  • The Single-lip Kiss
  • The Hand Kiss
  • The Earlobe Kiss
  • The Butterfly Kiss
  • The Upside-down Kiss
  • Lingering Lip Kiss
  • The Cheek Kiss
  • The Peck
  • The Air Kiss
  • The Biting Kiss

 Kissing Games

  •  Post Office
  • 7 Minutes in Heaven
  • Tag
  • Kiss Cam (Played at the Cowboys Football game)
  • Barely Break

Website dedicated to kissing and articles at

And of course there is the “Good Bye Kiss” x





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  1. Kissing Point – what a great name! Love all the kissing references as well – really made me smile.

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