Me, Myself and I

My last few days in Townsville I spent amusing myself. Quite happy in my own company, I wandered around with camera in hand.

Townsville View from room


Castle Hill stands 286 meters high in the heart of Townsville. Castle Hill has formerly also been known locally as Cutheringa, Cudtheringa, Cootharinga, and Mt Cutheringa. During the Second World War Castle Hill was used as a communications and observation post. Infantry and field regiments of the 5th Australian Division were deployed on the hill, and the observation post they constructed remains. (Wikipedia)

Many locals and visitors walk up the hill. There are bush tracks leading up to the top and a narrow road for vehicles. Many people also walk along the road so it’s a slow drive up and back.

The “Saint”  In 1962 eight students from James Cook University in Townsville painted a picture of Leslie Charteris’ Saint on Castle Hill that is still there today. See the story here


The Architecture around town is amazing. I love old buildings and can’t resist running my hand along the mortar joints and old timber frames. Can you guess which picture is of the “sugar shaker”? I used this building as a land mark to make my way around the CBD.

The Day

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The Evening 

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Entertainment – There are some great places to take the rug-rats. Reef HQ is a must. A great day out for the whole family and packed full of information and activities. There are many parks and play ground areas. The Strand is an open air water park, another favourite of families.

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  1. Great pictures – the Strand looks like somewhere we would have to go!


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