MM had a day off so he borrowed a work ute and we spent the day sightseeing in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

The Ross River Dam – Townsville

We followed the Ross River out of town and up to the Ross River Dam which is the major source of water supply for the Townsville and Thuringowa cities constructed in 1971. I imagine it would be quite busy here in summer.

Ross River Fever is a mosquito borne disease caused by a virus first isolated from a mosquito trapped along the Ross River in Townsville in 1959. The first recorded outbreak of Ross River was actually in NSW in 1928.

The Town Common – Townsville

We spend the afternoon wandering around a wetland area called the Townsville Town Common Conservation Park. The Townsville Town Common Conservation Park is an area of swamp, salt mudflats, and low hills around 6km north of the city. There is road
access to walking tracks and worth taking a look at. You can do the “crazy” peoples walks and spend the day hiking in there or drive along stopping at the “I don’t wanna sweat today” peoples treks which are under 1km.
There are a number of bird hides around the edge of the wetlands so you could really spend a few hours here. Take water. It is winter here but still hot enough to dehydrate.
Snakes – I lived on a farm when I had my first child and became accustom to snakes. The spiders were so big you could hear them walking across the floor (no kidding) at night. I never did get use to those huntsmen. Reaching out to unhook a chained gate to have the top of the post spring to life, leaning into the cot to place a sleeping baby down and coming eye to eye with a green tree snake lying on the inside window sill and removing a Redbellied Black snake and another year a Brown snake from the lounge room has given me an awareness of snakes.
But in Brisbane you don’t often see them in winter, so I was tromping along the path to a bird hide not paying attention when I had an “OMG I wish I could see that played back in slow motion” moment. Mid stride I notice a snake moving right where my foot is heading. If the thing didn’t move I would have stepped on it. It was ugly, fat and sandy coloured. I have no idea how I halted my forward motion. It’s all a blur. MM was sitting this walk out in the car with an amused look on his face as I was running back towards him flapping my arms like a crazy person.

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7 Responses to Sightseeing

  1. Jet Eliot says:

    Beautiful photos, and I also like the image of you flapping your arms like a crazy person. 🙂


  2. What a lovely place to be! And seeing the kangaroo too 🙂


    • Yeah, She was a real surprise. I didn’t expect to see her there when I looked over the wall. She disappeared into a cap between the rocks a few moments after I took the shot. Thanks for taking the time to call in and you comment Indah 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Dawnasong says:

    Beautiful just beautiful!


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