F. I. F. O.

Fly-In /Fly-Out commuting involves employees who live in or near a city flying to a remote work site, living in employer-provided accommodation for the duration of their work roster and flying back to their private residence where they spend their leave period.

In Australia the mining sector is the largest employer of FIFO workers.  Rosters vary and can consist of 14 12 hour days straight and 1 week off.

The city of Townsville is a major service and administrative centre for some of Australia’s most important mining areas, including the Bowen and Galilee Coal Basins, and the North West Minerals Province, stretching west from Townsville to Mount Isa and the Gulf of Carpentaria.


Flying Out

Gateway BridgeI flew out of Brisbane to spend the weekend in Townsville and catch up with MM (My Man) Good luck was on my side and I got a few great shots of Brisbane City through the plane’s window. They’re a bit cloudy but other than opening the door to get some good pictures it’s the best I could do.

Brisbane City

Brisbane City

The Story Bridge

The Story Bridge

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