Road Trip – Bottoms Up

I don’t know where I’m going, but this is where I’ve been;

Hopped on the ferry from Portsea to cross Port Phillip Bay, avoiding Melbourne and  getting onto the Great Ocean Road.  I’m at the bottom of Australia.

Along the way I bought the camera I have been saving for, plus a few bits and pieces to go with it.  I haven’t saved all the money yet but since I’m going on a bender I may as well make it a good one. I called into Harvey Norman who had the camera and kit on special. I talked the sales guy into giving me the SD Card and battery at his lowest possible price so I’m quite pleased with myself.

“Thank you Mr Visa for my new Canon 700D and the Tamron Every Day Kit”  The Kit contains a Tamron AF18-200mm lens,  Camera Armor 62mm Multi Coated UV Filter, Lowepro Shoulder Bag, Camera Armor Cleaning kit and a Joby ultrafit sling strap. I also purchased a spare battery and a  SD Card.

The camera’s instruction manual has 352 pages of information – (in English) which I read twice and some pages 3 or even 4 times over teaching myself how to operate the camera. I’m taking pictures using the very basic functions. I would be devastated to find I have taken a heap of blurs while I’m away. I’ll have a proper play with the camera when I get home and can take photos of things that don’t matter.

I am really pleased with the camera so far. It’s light enough and not too bulky for my small hands. Considering it has been overcast most of the time, I’m really happy with the photo’s.

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10 Responses to Road Trip – Bottoms Up

  1. suzjones says:

    I’m wondering if a couple of those photos were taken at Loch Ard Gorge? That is just the most beautiful place. I think I have photos of it on my blog. 🙂
    I’m loving your road trips.


    • Thanks Suz. Yes, isn’t it the most amazing place! I notice these pictures on a few other blogger’s sites and it make me giggle to think I was standing (most likely) in the very same spot. It’s as if we have been connected through our photography. When I see other photographers out and about I wonder if any of them are bloggers I follow. :-). Perhaps I will see you along the trail one day.


  2. m.lever says:

    lovely part of the world (I was there last year). nice shots


    • Thank you 🙂 Yes I agree it’s a wonderful part of the world. I’m so glad I finally got down there. I came to Australia in the 80’s and still have so much more to see.


  3. Virginia Duran says:

    Amazing captures!


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