Some days are absolutely brilliant and some days are at the other end of the scale. For me this has been the shittiest week I can remember and one that has been building for some time. I’m referring to a professional matter that has been a process taking a number of months of hard stressful work to finally reach it’s conclusion.

And now it’s over how do I feel? Tired… I want to sleep for the next 168 hours. Relief… that I’m not being carted off in a padded wagon. Pride… in myself for standing by my principles and not letting the almighty $ determine who I am.



Sometimes it’s nice to sit and chill…..



……..then some little shit comes along and spoils the moment


Pee Wee has no fear





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4 Responses to YIN-YANG

  1. Hi Kristin, compliments on your actions. Phil


  2. katieprior says:

    Good for you for standing by your principles. Hope you can now have a nice relaxing weekend πŸ™‚


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