Boys have the coolest toys!

Being somewhat of a tomboy and growing up in a time when girls were given “girls” toys and “boys” I noticed (in my whole 6 years of life experience),  got the good stuff.

Oh man, did I yearn for a slot car racing track, a train set, bow and arrow and motorbike. Surely not so much for a little girl to ask for.

I was given dolls and cooking junk. I mean really? Most days you would find me in dads shed driving nails into a piece of timber for one project or another. Racing around the yard on my push bike or catching frogs and birds in my home-made traps was my kind of thing.


Me Playing with Dirt


I grew up and out of the tomboy phase, but still think boys have the coolest toys.

Bikes Motorbikes 2 How many Motorbikes


Boats Cat Fishing Boat Jet ski Racing boats Water Ski Windsurfing


Carcycle 4 Cars 2 Cars 3 Cars 4 Cars 5 Cars 6 Cars 7 Cars 8 Cars DSCF8959 Gold Rolls Royce 3 THE INTERCEPTOR Timber Deck 2


 The Best Thing Is…………………………… now I can have them too!

Dancing Lady


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