Come with me..

These photos are taken from my perspective as the pillion passenger on a short ride I went on today. I set the little canon camera to auto and off we went.

I got a little caught up in the reflections on the riders helmet. The effects are great. These are unedited and I will pick out a few good ones and try to clear them up a bit in Photoshop another day.

P.S. Inexperienced pillions should probably wait for the bike to shop before embarking on a photo shoot.

I hope you enjoyed the ride!

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9 Responses to Come with me..

  1. Love the run along the esplanade. .. especially late afternoon or up to 9pm.


  2. Dalo 2013 says:

    Really a great and creative series of shots, so well done!


  3. Hi Kristin, you look like you were really enjoying yourself. How did you take the photo where you were pointing upwards?! Phil


    • Hi Phil, The pillion seat is higher than the riders seat so many of the shots were taken by holding the camera just above MM’s head. My thighs got a good workout holding onto MM’s waist as both hands were on the camera most of the time.


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