Lest We Forget

Here we stand – at the top of the food chain.

It’s not the Snakes or Poisonous Spiders, the Kangaroos ability to disembowel a person in a few seconds nor the Edward Scissor Hands of the Koala Bear that I fear.

Man’s biggest threat is himself.

Can you imagine what would happen if we had no armed forces today? Could we trust humanity to uphold the sovereignty of our boarders or would this country be taken by force?

My thoughts are with all those who have lost their lives fighting to protect their citizens and their Countries.

My thanks are with all those who serve in our armed forces.


During the early stages of World War II coastal fortifications were built at various locations on Moreton Island –  Cowan Cowan on the western side of the island and the Rous Battery on the ocean side. These were part of the system of defence of the port of Brisbane. Most of the fortifications were controlled by the Army, but the Royal Australian Navy also operated a system of defences at Woorim (Bribie Island) and Comboyuro Point (Moreton Island).

Cowan Cowan started its life as a pilot station for the Queensland Department of Harbours and Marine on 1st August 1848 being transferred there from Amity on North Stradbroke Island.

On 1st September 1939 Britain advised Australia to adopt a precautionary war stage and the next morning military districts received orders to man coastal defences. Soon after, Australia declared war on Germany and Army personnel were moved to Bribie Island and a second six-inch battery in Moreton Bay (besides Cowan Cowan) was commenced.

The above extracts were copied from;

Dr Richard Walding
Research Fellow – School of Science
Griffith University
Brisbane, Australia

Visit the original article and view some great photographs here http://indicatorloops.com/comboyuro.htm


Woody Point Jetty 2014

Woody Point Jetty 2014


Woody Point Foreshore 2014

Woody Point Foreshore 2014


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  1. Nita Jain says:

    Love the message and your photography skills!


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