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The Red Cliffs were once known by the Aboriginal name, Kau-in Kauin, meaning blood-red or the cliffs of running blood. These cliffs at Redcliffe Point overlook Moreton Bay: a beautiful bay of coves and islands ranging in size from tiny Bird Island to the giant Moreton Island (Author:   Mennis, Mary, 1938 –   Title:   The red cliffs : a story of Moreton Bay)

The Redcliffe Peninsula was the home of a clan of aborigines called the ‘Ningy Ningy’. whose name means ‘oysters’, are identified as being the southern most clan of the Undambi people of the Sunshine Coast. Ningy Ningy are red-ochre people. (

Ningy Ningy Aboriginal Nation  Here you will find more information and pictures of the Ningy Ningy Peoples.

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4 Responses to My Backyard

  1. katieprior says:

    Beautiful photos and what a gorgeous place to live. 🙂


  2. Experimental Ghost says:

    I love this place, much better than the dark side… err. south side, I’m not on the peninsula but its only a short ride to get there… love it of an evening near the jetty

    Great photos


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