Collector v Hoarder

It seems to me there is a very thin line between being a Collector and being a Hoarder. Leading me to the question, can collecting lead to hoarding?

I spoke earlier about the Buzz I got when I found a piece of sea glass. The “high” like other addictions is fed by the reward system. God, that’s all I need… another addiction!

I get immense pleasure from beach-combing. A time when everyone and everything else melts away. The mind zones in on that moment and there is nothing else.

You use your eyes in search of the little gems in the sand. You use your understanding of colour and shape to distinguish between the pebbles and the glass and your sense of touch as you run your fingers over the smooth frosted jewels. Some pieces are so dark you have to hold them up to the light to determine their identification.

800px-Glass_Beach_Fort_Bragg_2Picture by Jef Poskanzer via (,_California)

As with everything there is yin and yang.. The pleasure of the hunt and now the work to wash and sort your find.

My partner said to me this week.. Babe, can I ask you one thing?  “Yes” I replied. “Can you get rid of those (insert any swear word you like, I’m sure it was used) bags of glass on the bench?

Bags of Sea Glass

I got started but then sidetracked taking pictures of the first two pieces I pulled out of the bag. And yes, that is doggy-do bags. Chi comes with me most days and the bags tied to her lead come in handy. I wonder what my neighbours think when I keep returning home with bags full and why I don’t deposit them in the bin on my walks.

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