The tree is shared by many species of birds and the odd mammal.

This time of year the tree is producing a small berry the bats love.

Jetty Square Tree Red Berries Are you looking At Me

The pair of Rainbow Lorikeets have 2 young still in a nest tucked away in the hollow of the tree. A family of magpies and pigeons also nest in its branches.

Tree Hollow Yes Home

This year the tree hollow is home to the Lorikeet family and a young possum.

 I really love these little guys. They couldn’t give a sh*t that I’m taking their picture or that there is a possum sitting on their young.

She’ll be right mate!

Possum, the new energy-efficient heating all Lorikeets should have!

PossumI turned the flash off so I didn’t startle the possum. 

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13 Responses to SHARING

  1. oddorganisms says:

    Wow you were so lucky to get these pictures, it’s nice to know lorikeets and possums can be friends haha


  2. What a beautiful tree ! How lovely to see how different kinds of animals can live peacefully together up there. A good example of peaceful coexistence 🙂 Thanks.


  3. Wow, that’s amazing! Love the possum hiding in there. Very special to catch that. CC


  4. Hi Kristin, now that’s what I call ‘a tree’! Phil


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