Knock Knock

Seeking asylum? Please use the front door. Boat smugglers may paint a glorious picture in your mind of how landing on another counties shores will be.


Could this be your reality?

All Aboard

Australia for example is a large country with plenty of land. Built on multiculturalism, already a melting pot of human-beings existing together by accepting their own and their fellow Australians right to live life in a way they choose without judgement and to lead a productive life. If you are seeking asylum to Australia please ask before you enter. You are most welcome.

If you are in danger in your home country you can seek asylum to stay in Australia by applying for a Protection visa. You are an asylum seeker in Australia if:

  • You are in Australia
  • You believe you are a refugee
  • You are applying for protection to the Australian government so that you can stay there

More information here

Is it worth risking your life or the lives of your family?



Take a number and wait in line. We will be with you shortly.

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