I found a new use for my Tripod and it involves Leather and Bees Wax. Got ya thinking??


I purchased a new leather jacket for winter motorbike riding at our local Markets on Sunday. The seller cleaned and conditioned the leather for me before I left his stall and told me to hang it in the sun and over the next few days put a coat or two of bees wax on it. This will soften the leather and help waterproof it.

When I got home I went out onto the balcony and found my tripod the perfect place to hang the jacket so it could get the sun.

Hiding behind the pillar is a Magpie who came out to admire my new jacket and photo bomb my picture.

Leather Jacket

DSCF2674 DSCF2670 DSCF2671

Meet IV – Yamaha V Star 650

DSCF2688 DSCF2692 DSCF2690

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