Getting Serious

I did it! Enrolled in and paid for – Advanced Diploma in Professional Photography and Photoshop Course.

The course was being advertised at a ridiculously low price on one of those “Internet deals”.  I was thinking of getting a “how to” photography cd for my computer anyway so when I saw this deal I jumped at it.

I’ve learnt stuff already

Unit 1 – Introduction to Photography covers the basic’s of your camera and it’s settings. Mmmm  I wondered what that button was for!

I’m still using my Fujifilm FinePix S5800 but saving madly for a SLR Camera. I’m having problems with the white balance on the manual setting. I think I fried something when taking Sunset pictures one day. The pictures are over exposed no matter what setting I use.  My (P) Program, (A) Aperture & (S) Shutter Priority settings seem ok though.

Playing Around

I’m really enjoying playing with these camera setting –


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  1. Well done! Happy New Year to you too!


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