Favourite Things

Looking back through my collection of pictures, regular themes and images emerge. Is it because these images are easily available due to current surroundings? Or perhaps because these images are attractive to me?

Do I identify images that appeal to me and not see or notice other images that are there?

How often do you say, ‘That would make a nice shot’?

  • I’m not particularly into bugs – I don’t have a bug or butterfly pictures.  I have 1 dragonfly picture
  • Emotion – I don’t have close-ups/faces, although I do have human activities pictures
  • Flowers – I haven’t had success therefore no images worth saving. I do attempt to take a picture now and then
  • Children – I take photographs of my family but not random pictures
  • Food – I just want to eat it so, no foodie shots here. Although coffee inspires me

Click on the image to enhance.



I Photograph

  • Water – Particularly ocean
  • Birds – Who doesn’t like bird pictures
  • Sunsets – Sun and moon, planets and stars,
  • Scenery – Coast Lines, Beaches, Mountain, City, Activities,  Clouds, Parks

HMQS Gayundah 1

Pied Oystercatcher

Into the sun Blazing Trail 3 ???????????

Between the trees Brisbane City Early Morn Penny-Farthing Purple Day Sailing Boat 2 Wedding

I want to photograph more

  • Architecture – Buildings, Bridges, Churches
  • Nature – Forests, Trees, Plants, Flowers, Lakes, Rivers, Creeks
  • Animals – Australian

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Random posts and photographs of life, travel and stuff.
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