First Stop

I had a few weeks to recover before leaving for 4 weeks of touring around parts of Queensland.

If you’ve experienced broken ribs you’d know that sitting can be uncomfortable and bumping around in a 4×4 towing a caravan in Outback Queensland, well, ouch.   So changing our intended route, we headed north to Bagara Beach for 4 days R & R before heading west.

Bagara is approximately 15km east of Bundaberg, a fair days drive from Brisbane. I’d been there many years ago with my Mother. We were holidaying at Don Pancho’s and had gone to see the turtles at Mon Repo, a hatchery and protected national park.

We didn’t visit any national parks on this trip because the Fat Mongrel was travelling with us.

We spent the next 4 days on the beach, riding our push bikes and ironing out a few kinks in the caravan. This is our first big trip away.  We were a bit heavy on the ball weight and needed to move some things around.

Bundaberg volcanic province is located in the Bundaberg-Childers area. The volcano was formed by a short-lived eruption period, 60 million years ago. (Ref Volcano live)

Past volcanic activity has left basalt rocks, rounded by wave action, scattered along much of the coastline, especially headlands. The Hummock, clearly visible from sea, is the centre of an area of rich, red soil, clothed in fields of sugar cane.

Leaving Bagara, we planned to make our way to Birdsville then follow Queensland’s southern border back to the coast and  home. That was the plan. That is not how it went down….. more to come.

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I wasn’t expecting that!

Last week I fell on some stairs and fractured a couple of ribs. I was carrying the dog and couldn’t break my fall, landing heavily on my side.

This accident could really have not come at a worst time. We have scheduled a lot of yard work for the next two weeks. This week we had River City Tree Services remove approximately 20 trees from the yard and we need to finish cleaning up the gardens before the fencing company comes to put up a colourbond fence along the back boundary.


Most of the trees removed were palms of some description, a silky oak that was growing too closely to an ironbark, half of  one neighbour’s mango tree that overhung the boundary and half of another neighbour’s umbrella tree that was also overhanging.

We’ve kept about five foxtail palms and one cuban palm but I’m not sure about the cuban palm. We might get it removed later on down the track. It’s big and if one of the fronds fell on someone it could potentially kill them.

I’m not sorry to see the palms go. Messy things and they were a lot of work. The previous owners over-planted the gardens. The frangipani trees have developed a disease called frangipani rust. I’m hoping opening up the gardens will help control the fungus.

Frangipani Rust in neon filter

I love cut flowers inside the house.

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It’s time

It’s been nearly two years since my father’s death and I still have a lot of his things that I’ve not been in the right mood to sort through and get rid of.

Some weeks back I opened a storage box and picked out a little Caplio RR530 digital camera that belonged to my Step-Mother who passed away a few years before Dad.

There were a few pictures on the memory card of their last Christmas together which was nice to see. Dad’s wife loved photography. Here are two of her photographs that remained on the memory card.

One of her favourite subject matters…. Frogs

I took the camera with me on my afternoon walk with Chi, aka The fat Mongrel, to try it out.

The settings on the camera were low quality which I discovered when I downloaded the pictures, so not a bad effort for a wee point and shoot.

I’m not sure how old the camera is but it takes AAA batteries and I can’t get a usb for it so I’m taking the shots off the camera via the sd card. I don’t take my good canon camera with me when I’m out on the motorbike but this one might come in handy.



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The last time we went to the Gold Coast I came home with a smudge on my photos I could not remove.

I’d been out taking pictures of the surfers at Coolangatta.


All of a sudden, up popped a couple of spots.


I took the camera back to the apartment and using the cleaning kit did the best I could but was left with some smudges.

The camera repair guy said inside my camera was rather grubby but I’ve got it back now good as new.

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Surfing Kirra Point

There are a number of great surfing spots around the Coolangatta coastline on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

One of these is Kirra Point. Kirra Point was once a much bigger beach, and home to some truly legendary pipelines. Unfortunately, the groyne at Kirra was reduced when the government started shifting sand from the Tweed River to allow fishing boats to pass safely. This ruined Kirra’s reputation for a while, and it’s only just clawed itself back into the good graces of surfers again. (Ref)

This point allows spectators to view the surfers close up and it is a popular place for photographers.

Don’t get too close to the edge.

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New Digs

Twelve plus months ago, measures were put in place to keep MM’s (My Man)  parents in their own home as long as possible. There were visits from the home-care workers twice daily. The morning attendant helped them with showers, dressing, made breakfast, managed their prescriptions and did general cleaning. Before she left she would make lunch, leaving it in the fridge for them to help themselves. The afternoon attendant took care of the evening meal, tidying up and would do any shopping when required.

Recently, MM’s parent’s doctor advised him his parents can no longer live in their home after both of them were admitted into hospital a couple of times over a 2 month period due to ill-health.

The ill-health really related to old age and mismanagement of everything from their dietary requirements to their prescriptions. We noticed how little they ate and on many days forgot or not want to eat at least one of the three daily meals. The attendant would place the meds on the kitchen table for them to take but they did not watch to see that the medication needed to manage Alzheimer was being tossed in the rubbish bin by the Old Bugger (Aussie term of endearment).  Cheeky sod decided he didn’t need it hence him not eating some meals. He kept thinking he had just eaten breakfast no matter what time of day or night it was.

MM would like to spend more time with his parents at this late stage of their life. To be blunt, every day is a bonus. MM and I had some long conversations and spent a few hours researching what services were available and decided to move them in with us rather than an aged care facility. They receive high care services now and can go up another level when the time comes for hospice care.

So we’ve sold the oldies house and moved them and ourselves to Woody Point. We have purchased a house with a granny flat which is set up for aged care and retained the home help services. We can now oversee their care and MM can spend some time with them after work. He is especially happy that he can plonk the old guy on a chair in the man cave and chat to him while he is working on projects. The Redcliffe area has many aged care facilities providing respite services. We will place them in one of these facilities for their care when we want to go away.

We are both really happy to be back in the area and living by the water again.



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Gippsland Lakes

The Gippsland Lakes is the largest system of inland waterways in Australia. If you are visiting Eastern Victoria, stopping at Lakes Entrance for a few days of exploring, will be well worth your while.

These photographs were taken a couple of years ago on a walk-about.

Playing with the lens flare filter in Photoshop.

Have a lovely weekend.


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Old School

Me sitting at my “computer desk”. My hardware.. dirt. My software.. imagination.

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I haven’t had much time for blogging recently. What with one thing and another WP has taken a back seat.

I’ve taken up part-time employment as a Driver under the Shebah banner. Basically I’m a self-employed driver subcontracted to Shebah. Shebah is very similar to Uber. Passengers use the Shebah App to call for a rideshare driver. Shebah service offers female only drivers for female and children passengers. We also accept pets if pre-booked.

There are scenarios in which boys and men can use the service.

  1. Primary school aged boys can travel with a female guardian or unaccompanied.
  2. Secondary school boys or boys under 18 can travel if accompanied by their mother or a female guardian.
  3. A man travelling with his female partner, and baby in need of a baby seat or toddler in need of a booster seat, can ride in a Shebah. This is only applicable if the ride has been pre-booked on our Facebook Bookings page and the driver is aware and has agreed to the circumstances.

Drivers are self-employed and pay Shebah 15% of the fare. For this we have access to the Shebah app platform. Shebah provides advertising, promotional items and support. Taxi and rideshare drivers are highly regulated in Queensland. I had to jump through many hoops and of course pay a multitude of fees to obtain my driver’s authorisation.

There are a number of ridesharing services operating in Australia and many of our drivers drive for most of them. I have chosen to only use the Shebah service because I feel safer as a driver.

Shebah launched on 8/3/17. At the beginning of August we had 1732 drivers and 20,000 passengers with the Shebah App. Shebah is growing quickly with more and more riders downloading the app daily and preferring to ride with us.

I drive out in the suburbs.  I have a 6 cylinder vehicle so taking on the small rides around the city is not viable for me. I also find city driving stressful. I much prefer cruising around the suburbs and highway driving.

I’ve done quite a bit of self promotion. I have a FaceBook page set up and I deliver pamphlets around my local area and network. There are no set hours which is great. I choose when I drive and for how long.

We are on the move again (more to come) so I will have to start all over promoting myself in the new suburb.

For now, I’m back to packing boxes.

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Wordless Wednesday 30082017




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