Wordless Wednesday 24082016

First Contact

Satellite Dish

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Renovation Cont: The floor tiles are finally down and we have moved some furniture into the house. The lounge chairs were from Dad’s place and not really my thing but we will use them until I find something more to my taste.  We have used a cheap Chinese floor tile and I think they look great. When laid properly even the cheapest of tiles can look fantastic. Credit to our tiler Mark from Mast Tiling. Mark has been easy to work with and I would highly recommend him. He’s not the cheapest tiler around but his expertise was well worth the money.

Family Room 1 Lounge Room 3 Lounge Room 2 Kitchen 1

I still have the old blue vertical blinds in the lounge room which I will replace once I’ve decided what with. The windows in the family room are bare. I need to go through some home décor books to work out what I’m going to do.  I think I may opt for curtains this time around but we will see.

I love these handsome cutlery draw inserts we found on the web. So much better than the plain old white inserts available in the stores don’t you think? (click on gallery to enlarge)


The totally cost for the renovations so far has well and truly exceeded my budget but what the heck. This house is my house so I’ve paid for the entire project. MM (My Man) has been fantastic and provided much of the labour which has saved me a small fortune.

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Wordless Wednesday 03082016


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Roll With The Punches

Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Unexpected and unavoidable things crop up which can throw a spanner in the works.

Things I did not expect that have altered my house renovation plans this year.

I did not expect my father to pass and a great deal of my time allocated to sorting out his estate.

I did not expect to have tennis elbow so badly I have been unable to finish off painting. I was also planning on taking some refresher motorbike riding courses over the past few months but I can’t grip the brake or manoeuvre the handlebar.

I did not expect my mother to be recently diagnosed with breast cancer so all plans have been put on the back burner whilst I move her into my home and care for her.

So what does one do when the shit hits the fan?  Go to the beach of course. I took off to the Gold Coast for a few days to get my head around things.

Coolangatta 4

Golden hour 4


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Wordless Wednesday 20072016

Flat Black

Flat Black

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Wordless Wednesday 13072016

Colour and Clarity

colour and clarity 1 colour and clarity 2

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Wordless Wednesday 06072016

On the Wire



A phrase to describe a programmer who is deep in concentration. (Ref: Urban Dictionary)

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The House Renovations

Now, where were we up to? The shower screen is in and the bathroom completed.

Shower screen

The Kitchen is finally finished. We have been waiting for the delivery and installation of the kitchen bench top and glass splash-back so MM could finish installing the dishwasher, oven, hob and range-hood. We have purchased Westinghouse products.

The company we went through, PazStone in Brendal, have been totally hopeless. When we ordered the bench top and splash-back we submitted out plans to the company and they had their own tradesman come out and re-check our measurements. When they came out to install they had messed up the bench top and the glass splash-back measurements so the installers left and said they would need to re-order and re-cut the stone and glass and someone from the company would be in contact to let us know when they would be back.

2 weeks on and I still had not heard back from the company even after sending 2 emails. I also phoned a number of times but was told the person I needed to speak with was not available and they would call me back. I never received a call.

I called a 3rd time and was advised the bench top would be installed the next day and the splash-back – some time in the future. It’s all be put together now but the mess the installers left has had me, for the past 3 days, removing silicon that was smeared all over the stone. There is also a half-inch gash in the side of our fridge where they hit it with the corner of the glass splash-back when they were moving it through the kitchen.

I’m happy with the end result.


We have used the clipsal brand for the power points and light switches. I love this power point with the USB charger at the breakfast bar.

power point


I’ve also had solar panels installed taking advantage of Origin’s interest free, 2 year payment plan and current government rebates. There are 10 panels on the western facing roof and another 10 on the northern side. I had some palm trees shading the roof area so we have removed them and while we were at it, had a big yard clean up.


Due to the hold up with the kitchen, we had to postpone the tiler who was booked to finish off tiling the house. He’s moved onto another job now so we have to wait for him to finish that before he can do ours.  We don’t want to move the furniture into the living areas until the floors are finished so we are still eating meals from an outdoor setting in the pergola area (brrrr cold) and watching TV in the bedroom.

It’s been a huge job and what with moving ourselves, clearing out Dad’s place and working on the house, my body is starting to protest. I’ve got tennis elbow so badly at the moment, I can hardly pick up a cup of coffee.

The next job on our list is to paint the other two bedrooms which will complete the painting and fully renovate the en-suite. We will then start on the outside. Pulling down one side of the old timber paling fence, replace it with new, pull down the old garden shed and build in the side of the yard between the house and fence to use as a storage area for garden tools, push bikes etc and which will be big enough to store a trailer in. We also need to put up a front fence and lay down a second driveway.

We will need a holiday by the time we are finished but I doubt there will be any money left and I’ll need to start thinking about finding a job soon.



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Floral Friday

First raised in seedling mix, I planted these gorgeous dahlias under my mango tree where the old chook (chicken) pen use to be.

Artistic Original Blowing in the wind 2 Blowing in the wind Pretty in Pink Yellow Beauty White







Flower sex – Warning explicit language X rated


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Chipping Away

Any spare time we’ve had, which is sparse due to MM’s current work roster, we’ve spent emptying Dad’s house and getting it ready to sell. Some of the furniture has ended up in the middle of my lounge room waiting for me to sell on Ebay, and the rest handed around to family members. The charity store ended up with 2 full skip bins of stuff and 1 trailer load went to the dump.

Our own renovations are inching along. Even if we only get to install 1 tap over the week, it’s still progression.

The bathroom is almost finished with the glass splash panel/shower screen the only item left.

Bathroom 4

We’ve installed LED down-lights, ceiling vent, flat-bottomed bath (easier to stand in) with shower overhead, vanity unit, mirror and towel racks. Tiled to ceiling.

We’ve installed a new toilet, painted and tiled the room.


We are waiting for the kitchen bench and splash-back to be installed so we can then finish off the kitchen and install the sink, dishwasher, cook-top and range-hood. Crossing fingers it will be done next week.

We then get the tiler back to finish off the floor tiling and we can move into the house. Yippy, it’s getting frigid out in the pergola where we eat at night.


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