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Wood u?



Timber Boat

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Ricks Garage

Ricks Garage was originally a petrol station & workshop, now turned into an amazing retro diner & still functioning workshop.


Rick’s Diner is a popular destination for car and motorcycle clubs, day trippers, tourists and locals.

Rick and his family bought the site 15 years ago when it was an old garage. They converted part of the space into a fish and chip shop, which evolved into a diner. The original owner Steve Russ owned the garage for 36 years.

Much of the retro memorabilia that gives the diner its 1950s rock-n-roll feel was taken from scraps and parts lying around the garage,

The garage was retained as a reminder of Palmwoods’ history and to this day you can have your car worked on by a mechanic while you grab a burger. (Ref)

The old-school American-inspired whiskey bar upstairs hosts a “floor-to-ceiling” whiskey selection, a big central bar, tables and booths. The bar is an over-18s – no kids allowed. There is a large outdoor dining and entertainment area for families.

bar bar-2 beer-garden

If you are passing the area, Ricks Garage is well worth stopping in on.

14-16 Margaret St Palmwoods, Queensland, Australia. Check out their Facebook page here.



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Holden vs Ford

When I first came to Australia is was made very clear to me that you are either a Holden or Ford fan. Pick your team. I have been a Holden supporter (Even though I’ve always owned a Toyota of some sort) because my first Aussie boyfriend was a mad Holden supporter owning a sweet HR and my second boyfriend later to become my husband, was also a Holden supporter owning a Torana.

Due to the butterfly effect, I have gone to the dark side and just sold my Toyota RAV4 and purchased a Ford Falcon XR6. So what has prompted this switch of allegiance? Well, it started with our recent decision to abandon our plans to purchase a live-aboard boat.

The passing of my father, my mother’s illness and current world events has given us a different perspective and revisiting our goals we realised the boat idea was not as practical as we first thought.


Ticking the boxes – Travelling around Australian waters and visiting coastal towns was the main reason behind buying a boat as well has having a mobile home we could live in on a permanent basis later down the track.

A number of friends have recently purchased caravans and this got us thinking. Out came the pen and paper and the fors and against written down under each column. Here are some of the items covered that have tipped the scales;


  1. The cost of a boat large enough to live aboard is about 3 times that of a caravan.
  2. The overall cost of maintaining a boat is about 4 times more expensive than a caravan and tow vehicle. MM is a motor mechanic so most of the work can be carried out by him. He is not a marine mechanic and many of those bastards are a rort.
  3. Mooring fees are around 10G per year for a permanent berth. Twice as expensive as caravan park fees.
  4. When the caravan is not being use we can store it at home or family members properties. The boat would need to be kept at a marina.


  1. Any of the coastal towns accessible by boat are accessible by caravan however we would obviously be restricted to the coastline, missing out on seeing the rest of this great land.
  2. Weather is a major influence when motor sailing and the weather will determined when and where we go in a boat.
  3. The weather would not play such an important and life-preserving factor on a road trip and neither would the tide.
  4. Reading a road map is much easier than navigational charts.

And so the decision was made and true to form MM acted on it straight away visiting every caravan sales yard from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. Reading caravan and camping forums and intensely investigating the manufacturing processes of each brand of caravan. Oils ain’t oils and caravans ain’t caravans we have discovered.

We have narrowed down our search by crossing off any brand that does not have the layout best suited to our needs. We have also crossed off any brand that has timber framing. We are looking at an off-road caravan as we plan to do a great deal of “free camping”.


Although we have not settled on the caravan of our choice we already know the size and expected weight of the one we will purchase which brings us to the tow vehicle.

More research done by MM and he drove down the driveway last week in a brand new Mazda BT50. And here is where we come full circle. He needed to sell his Ford Falcon XR6. I have been talking about selling my manual RAV4 because I have a screw holding my knee together and I struggle driving in Brisbane traffic especially if I’m caught in a traffic jam and I’m on and off the clutch for a long period of time.


No flies on us. I posted a picture of my car on my personal Facebook page and was planning to post an ad on carsales.com the next day but within 20 minutes of my Facebook post a friend put her hand up and will collect the RAV4 in a few days and I will pay MM for the Ford.



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Wordless Wednesday 28092016



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Wordless Wednesday 21092016

Spring Colour



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Sometime I notice people who are so caught up in their own little world they forget where they are and seem to forget common decency.

At nearly every car show I’ve been to I’ve witnessed someone doing something silly with no regard for other people. The most common thing I see is people leaning into car windows admiring the interior, oblivious to the fact that their belt buckle is rubbing along the paintwork. And how about those tactile people who just can’t admire without the need to brand the vehicle with their fingerprint/smudge.

This young chap was under direction of his mother who had her phone out taking pictures of him. I missed the next shot because I lowered the camera in shock when she directed him to lean over the bonnet. Like he could reach anyway!

Dont touch

A bit of editing fun. Click on the gallery to enlarge and enjoy.


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Wordless Wednesday 14092016

Photographer Bombing = Dropping in on another photographers shoot.


Please click on the gallery to enlarge and enjoy.

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And then the dog went blind…

I kid you not.

There’s a saying here in “straya” when you strike a run of bad luck. Something about killing a Chinaman but apparently it is not politically correct, so I won’t use that phrase. Please note… I love Chinese food and Chinese people.

A couple of weeks ago, I put Chi to bed and she pretty much woke up the next day blind. That is how it appeared to me. She goes to bed fine one night and the next day is bumping into furniture/walls/doors/us, missed her chair she attempted to jump up on and she is tripping on anything in her path.

The vet said she has been losing sight for some time and has a fully formed cataract in her left eye and an almost fully formed one in the right. Sight can appear to go suddenly.

I feel so sorry for her. She can’t put out her arms to protect herself so runs nose first into things. I’m petrified she’ll knock out a tooth so have been pedantic around the house and yard to ensure objects aren’t left laying around. I can’t do much about the walls and doors.

Sheesh, shoulda got out that pet insurance. Four gorillas for two lenses. Chi is only 6 years old. Quite young to get this problem but recovery should be quick. She is booked in to have surgery on Thursday.


So on the upside, my daughter is getting married at the end of October. Last weekend the hens party was an all girls weekend away on the Sunshine Coast. The young-uns stayed at a high-rise apartment complex on the beachfront. My girlfriend and I stayed a few metres down the road in Dad’s caravan at a caravan park. The van is part of his estate and still in probate so I can’t sell it yet but apparently I can use it.

On Friday night my friend and I had a few quiet drinks in the caravan and laughed too loudly. The drinks were quiet but we were not. Saturday we met up with the hens and we went on a riverboat cruise luncheon. My friend and I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out on the beach. We met up with the hens later that evening for a bit of “hens business” then my friend and I went back to the caravan park and the young-uns went clubbing. (Dancing – not chasing men with clubs.) If you follow me on twitter you would have seen the little teaser I posted during the strippers performance. If you don’t follow me on twitter.. why not check it out now?  Sunday was spent back on the beach and in and out of cafes.

These photographs were taken over the weekend at Maroochydore in Queensland Australia. Please click on the gallery to enlarge.




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Wordless Wednesday 24082016

First Contact

Satellite Dish

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Renovation Cont: The floor tiles are finally down and we have moved some furniture into the house. The lounge chairs were from Dad’s place and not really my thing but we will use them until I find something more to my taste.  We have used a cheap Chinese floor tile and I think they look great. When laid properly even the cheapest of tiles can look fantastic. Credit to our tiler Mark from Mast Tiling. Mark has been easy to work with and I would highly recommend him. He’s not the cheapest tiler around but his expertise was well worth the money.

Family Room 1 Lounge Room 3 Lounge Room 2 Kitchen 1

I still have the old blue vertical blinds in the lounge room which I will replace once I’ve decided what with. The windows in the family room are bare. I need to go through some home décor books to work out what I’m going to do.  I think I may opt for curtains this time around but we will see.

I love these handsome cutlery draw inserts we found on the web. So much better than the plain old white inserts available in the stores don’t you think? (click on gallery to enlarge)


The totally cost for the renovations so far has well and truly exceeded my budget but what the heck. This house is my house so I’ve paid for the entire project. MM (My Man) has been fantastic and provided much of the labour which has saved me a small fortune.

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